About Us

Upperhill Logistics Limited was established in 2014 & incorporated in the year 2016 to offer lifting and transportation services to clients within the East African Region. Upperhill Logistics Limited is managed by experienced individuals in the lifting and transport industry and is among the fastest growing companies in the region.


“To be the premier in the provision of high quality integrated solutions in Lifting and transport within the region with the highest performance in lifting, mobility and safety.”


“To offer top class lifting and transport solutions by building long term relationships
with our clients through unlocking the full potential of load handling for our clientele.”



We thrive on teamwork. We know and understand that only by working together as a team, each member with their own skills, strengths and weaknesses combined, we produce superior and safer results for and with our customers.
We understand that superior results leads to repeat business. As a team we are also committed to sharing, learning and celebrating important milestones and accomplishments on a regular basis.


Safety first is our most important core value & an integral part of our company’s culture. Led by executive management leadership, our commitment to implement and execute sound health, safety and environmental practices is reflected in everything we do. From the early planning stages to the completion of our work, we are committed to being a world-class lifting and transport service provider in safety.

The goal of this culture is to promote an injury and accident-free environment, and provide for the safest workplace possible for our employees, clients, other project-site service providers and the public.


We understand the value of our clients time and the quality of service necessary to protect your property and assets. That’s why Upperhill Logistics can be trusted to come prepared with the right equipment for the job, maintained,inspected in good working condition so as to minimize downtime and maximize work-time.

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